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Pre-bill DRG Review
Let us perform an analysis of your documentation, coding and billing to identify clinical indicators for SOI, ROM quality assurance with DRG accuracy and optimization. 


RAC and Payer Appeals (Denial Management)

Overwhelmed with 3rd party recoveries? We got this! We use our proprietary "Expert Audit Review Logic" or EARL to audit clinical and coding denials resulting in decreased impact to revenue.

Retrospective Compliance Audits
Let us evaluate your Documentation, Coding and Billing patterns to ensure medical necessity, compliance and optimal reimbursement.

Staff and Provider Training
Keep up with changing rules and regulations. Classes and topics to fit your needs.

Clinical Documentation Improvement
We identify gaps in documentation that justify medical necessity of diagnoses and procedures billed and help streamline an effective query process. Try it for outpatient services too!

Policies & Procedures
Implement or update a P&P β€œGo To” compliance manual for staff continuity and accountability.

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